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Becoming a JUMP Volunteer
No formal mathematical training is required to tutor with JUMP. In fact, one of the keys to our success is that most of our tutors are non-mathematicians. Many struggled with the subject themselves so know what it’s like to be afraid of math and can empathize with their students. In the JUMP Manual provided during training, all the explanations are broken down into simple steps that the tutor cannot fail to understand. Consequently, our volunteer tutors learn math properly by teaching it.

Math “phobics” are welcome!

What's involved:
As a JUMP tutor, you will be trained to teach mathematics beginning at the grade 3 level. All the lessons and steps are clearly laid out in the Tutor’s Manual and you'll be trained on specifics of the JUMP approach. All it will take from you is:

  • dedication,
  • enthusiasm and patience,
  • a desire to motivate and support a student in need, and
  • a weekly commitment of 2-3 hours during school terms.

Following the manual, JUMP tutors lead their student(s) in weekly one-on-one tutoring sessions. In addition to preparing lessons, practice questions and homework assignments, tutors track their students’ progress and occasionally provide feedback to the JUMP administration. It is also suggested that tutors establish a relationship with their students’ parents to ensure that the student attends lessons and completes the required homework.

We understand that a tutor may have to miss an occasional session. This should be co-ordinated directly with the student and / or their school.

Where is the tutoring done?
JUMP tutoring sessions take place at the individual schools. Our partner schools are located throughout the Metropolitan Toronto area. For a listing of these schools and links to their location maps, click here.

When does the tutoring take place?
Exact times vary by school but, in general, fall into one of the following slots:

  • mornings from 8 to 9am or
  • during the school day (various times between 9am and 3pm) or
  • afternoons from 3:30 to 5:30pm
NOTE: As of January 2003, Saturday JUMP tutoring is possible only at our York Detention Centre location. If you are interested in finding out more about this special program, please contact us.

Interested in becoming a JUMP volunteer tutor?:

We are currently recruiting for the fall session starting in September 2004 with training starting in August. If you are interested in participating, please send us an email at info@jumptutoring.org, or fill out our webform.  If you do not have email access please contact us by telephone in the JUMP office at 416.348.9545.

Our new application package will be available in the next month.  We will be in touch with you by email when the training session dates have been confirmed.  
In the meantime, we suggest reading The Myth of Ability for more information on the JUMP philosophy and method.  (It is available at your local library, or can be purchased through the House of Anansi Press website or from a neighbourhood bookstores.)

To download a copy of the 2003-2004 JUMP tutor package, which includes background information on the JUMP program and an overview of volunteer opportunities this past year, click here.

Thank you!