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Our Results
Many factors combine to set JUMP apart from other tutoring organizations, including our method of teaching (see Our Approach), the long-term commitment we make to our students and our remarkable results.

Is JUMP effective?
The answer is a resounding yes!  Here are just a few of JUMP's many success stories and remarkable experiences:

  • The oldest students in JUMP moved from remedial classes to academic grade nine math classes last year. One girl, who couldn't count by twos in grade 6, skipped a year by completing grade 10 math in her second semester last year.

  • Children with learning disabilities or attention deficits find it easier to catch up in math than in reading or other subjects when using a well-designed program like JUMP. At one inner-city school where we have a significant presence, Board psychologists were surprised by the number of children diagnosed as slow learners who were testing at grade level in math. The confidence these students have gained from doing well in math has spilled over into their other subjects and had a positive effect on their overall behaviour.

  • Children who speak English as a second language often struggle with math because they can't read their texts. This past year, a number of JUMP students who were insecure about speaking in class (including two who had been diagnosed as selective mutes) raised their hands for the first time – during the math lesson.

  • Because our tutors aren't required to have a background in math, we find it easy to recruit dedicated people from all walks of life to work at schools in Regent Park, Parkdale and Jane & Finch. JUMP has tripled in size every year, growing in just 4.5 years from 7 tutors and 15 students to more than 250 volunteers and 1500 students.

  • JUMP is very cost efficient. The average cost is less than $150 per student per year.

  • When teachers in 4 inner-city schools were offered training in the JUMP method, over 50 teachers signed up for the program.

  • When the York Detention Centre was closed to our tutors because of SARS, all the students chose to continue doing their JUMP workbook exercises until regular tutoring could resume.

  • Last year at Queen Victoria Public School, 30 of our students were given numeracy tests by a special education teacher. After 5 months of tutoring with JUMP, they had all advanced by one to four grade levels, with many advancing at least two grades.

  • Many teachers, parents and tutors have reported amazing changes in our students, both in their mathematical ability and in their concentration and willingness to participate in class (see Testimonials).

The improved math scores of our students are a small measure of our success. The change in the children's attitude, confidence and enthusiasm that we witness over and over again is by far the most satisfying reward.

During the coming school years, we plan to document the progress of our students more formally. Once collected, these results will be available on our website.