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The Problem
Recently, a great deal of research in early childhood education has begun to show that children, with very few exceptions, are born capable of learning anything. Unfortunately the existence of this research has done little to change the way children are being taught, at home or in the public school system. The ideas underlying this research have not really begun to penetrate public awareness.

Every parent and every teacher can recall episodes when a child has lost confidence in his or her abilities. Sometimes these occurrences are temporary, a natural part of maturing, but sometimes the loss of confidence is permanent and has a devastating impact on the child’s entire future. Once children come to believe they are failures, they begin to give up hope and a downward spiral begins.

Unfortunately, in our schools there are always children who are lost. Teachers do not have time to help students who are struggling. Parents who are themselves uneducated, who struggle with English or who are constantly working to make ends meet are often unable to help children with homework. Once a child falls behind in a subject like mathematics, where each concept builds on the last, there is little hope they will ever catch up.