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Media Coverage
Several stories about the JUMP program and its founder, John Mighton, have been featured in the local media, including:
  • Toronto Star, May 20, 2003 – “Making the leap to math whiz” (click here to read the article in PDF format)
  • Saturday Night magazine, November 18, 2000 – “Possible Worlds” by Karen Shenfeld (click here for story)
  • Also featured in Owl Canadian Family magazine, March 2001 and mentioned in various articles by local Toronto newspapers (click here for text from the Owl article)

Testimonials for JUMP
The following quotes are a sample of people's reactions to the JUMP tutoring program. For responses to John Mighton's new book, The Myth of Ability: Nurturing Mathematical Talent in Every Child, please click here.

Select feedback from Teachers (please scroll down for additional feedback from Parents, Tutors and Students)

    "The JUMP volunteers are always greeted with excitement and anticipation by my students as they arrive in class. The children love the step-by-step approach that is always followed by immediate positive feedback as they work through increasingly challenging skills and concepts with ease. There is a contagious enthusiasm as they race through the problems, wave their hands to give answers and then ask for more."
    ― Catherine McLeod, Grade 5 Teacher, Queen Victoria Public School

    "Carleton Village students are making excellent progress… students who were doing very poorly in math now love the subject and eagerly await their next session. Their teachers often comment on the confidence the students have gained and the improvement they have shown in their daily work — all because of JUMP."
    ― Inez Johnson, Principal, Carleton Village Public School

    "'I’m really good at JUMP math,' says a grade 3 student who often has difficulty focusing and organizing his work. 'Oh, that’s easy. You don’t have to help me,' says another who regularly attends Learning Centre and often has difficulty retaining concepts. He beams, 'I got it right!'  And his confidence soars.
    …As a teacher, I have observed, learned and been a part of the JUMP math program for more than one term …It turned out to be a gift to me and to my students. Their confidence is bursting. They know they are good at math! …Their ability to concentrate and focus has improved. It has taught them to organize their work and thought processes. They feel like they are mathematicians! They enjoy having the tutors come in to check their work and feel very special to be able to show their accomplishments to others.
    My experience with JUMP has made me look at my own teaching and has helped me remember the importance of teaching by breaking material into steps and building a solid foundation of knowledge. It has reminded me to consider the way in which children think and view concepts, and teach with that in mind."
    ― Jean Kosloff, Grade 3 Teacher, Queen Victoria Public School

    "I wish to commend John Mighton's JUMP Program and his army of socially-conscious volunteers.
    …Research has informed us that the group of children who are classified as 'deprived' benefit from small group instruction. A teacher is not able to provide the necessary instruction and adult mentoring to give such students a 'hand-up. John Mighton's JUMP Program is the answer to a committed teacher's prayer.
    …The positive effects of all this academic activity in our school has seeped out into the community — a community which seems to feel somewhat neglected and marginalized.
    …Force is measured in Newtons. Positive social force might well end up being measured in Mightons."
    ― Theresa Koch, Grade 7/8 Teacher, St. Helen Catholic School

    "I can't tell you how happy and grateful we are to have the JUMP team at Shoreham. The kids are really excited and hopeful...."
    ― Jo Volk, Grade 4 Teacher, Shoreham Public School

    "I have coordinated the JUMP Program at Queen Victoria Public School for the year 2000-2001. Thirty-four children have participated in this tutorial program and I have closely monitored these children in the learning centre. I am a teacher with very high expectations of what I require my children to achieve. All of the JUMP units are very concise, clear strategies that work well with our children no matter what the learning difficulties they may have… I highly endorse this program."
    ― Kathleen Love, Learning Centre Teacher, Queen Victoria Public School

    "These tutoring sessions have helped my students in many ways. Not only are their math computation skills stronger but their self-esteem is also on the rise. Those students, who were accustomed to receiving below standard marks in math, are now receiving passing grades. They are eager to learn in the classroom setting and approach new learning situations with greater confidence. They have become greater risk takers and participate more willingly in math lessons. This newfound confidence in themselves and in their abilities has helped them cope with and achieve greater success. "
    ― Mrs. A. Dennis, Grade 5 Teacher, Queen Victoria Public School

Select feedback from Parents

    "My relatives keep asking, 'What happened to your son?'"
    ― Mrs. Critch-Edison, Parent of a student in JUMP Program

    "When [my daughter] started JUMP… her academic record was abysmal and her view of herself had plummeted. What a relief it is to have hope for her and to see she now has hope for herself.
    I really don’t recall any victories for [my daughter] prior to her attending your program and I want you to know the victories she has won under your guidance have had enormous positive impact upon her view of herself."
    ― Mrs. Linda Hutchinson, Parent of one of JUMP’s original 3 students

Select feedback from our Tutors

    "I think the program is amazing. John’s manual really guided us through step-by-step, and his philosophy of encouraging the students, and making them feel like they are really smart, really works."

    "[My student] received two awards last week: one for physical education and one for math. He is very proud of his accomplishments, too!  At the beginning of this year [in grade 7], he was placed in the slowest and lowest remedial math class, working at a grade 4 level. [He] was alarmed and he asked for help. We set to work, following a JUMP approach: picking out essential building blocks and drilling to ensure that he could really do each step. [His] skill and speed improved noticeably, and so did his self-esteem. Just before Christmas, [he] passed two tests that allowed him to move up to the next level of math. Now in the middle level of remedial math since, [his] scores have been exceptional, all above 95. The biggest improvement [my student] has shown is a change in attitude toward schoolwork. He is glad to work on math problems now, and has grown to be equally enthusiastic about one or two other courses... [he] seems receptive to the idea that he should take responsibility for his own learning outcomes. Anyone can learn anything... [my student] is really coming to believe this dictum. As an observer, I am inspired by watching it happen."

    "This is my first opportunity to serve as a tutor, and it has been both rewarding and challenging. I am rewarded by the positive interaction with [my students], which I am eager to continue. I feel rewarded by the strong support for JUMP. The staff at Essex School are supportive and appreciative."

    "Both [my students] are funny and really bright, and I'm enjoying working with them. They seem to be having fun with the math, as well. It's great to see them light up when they grasp a concept. I can see the confidence building already."

    "[My student] recently got an A in classroom math… she was surprised and so thrilled! Her teacher says she is progressing beautifully."

    "I just wanted to fill you in on some pretty exciting developments with [my student]. There is a very noticeable difference in his attitude toward math. He is working really hard during our sessions. So far, he's gotten every single homework question correct. And his hard work is paying off... [the school's VP] has noticed it, as has his teacher. His teacher even told me that math was now his favourite subject and that he's doing really well during classes. A big change from last year!"

    "I am really enjoying my tutoring and have found the manual to be very clear and to work as well as promised!"

    "Just a couple of weeks ago, [my student] was inconsistent in her ability to solve the problems in the fractions test. Then last week, I gave [her] a practice test for homework, on which she scored 97% and then today she did the advanced fractions test during our tutoring session. She scored 100%. I asked her if she knew she could do that and to my delight, she replied, "Nooooo... I mean YES!"

    "I had my first tutoring session at Queen Victoria today and I wanted to tell you how glad I am to have gotten involved with JUMP. I enjoyed it very, very much and look forward to my next session."

Select feedback from Students

    "I appreciate all the things you have done for my class and math is so easy I want to be a mathematician."

    "When I was in grade 1, 2, 3 and 4, I hated math a lot because it’s so hard. But when John Mighton came and taught math to my class, I suddenly thought math was so fun and easy."