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The Myth of Ability
John Mighton has recently written a well-received book about his work and experience with JUMP. Called The Myth of Ability: Nurturing Mathematical Talent in Every Child, the book is now available through the House of Anansi Press (click here for details or to place an on-line order).

Initial Reviews of The Myth of Ability
    "It's amazing to read a book about math that's not only readable, but offers real hope and concrete solutions for all of us who thought we were just "no good at math", and for all of our children. This book is one of the first exciting things I've read about education in a long time.

    The theories outlined in The Myth of Ability have a wonderfully simple logic to them. It's as if John has allowed himself to be back in a child's brain and develop a whole math program that operates from that perspective. I know from my own child that the method works ― that it engenders enthusiasm and excitement about math while instilling basic and complex math skills.

    His idea that every child should be able to succeed, and that the aim of good teaching should be to narrow the gap between the weakest and the strongest students is, sadly, a revolutionary one. And his excitement about his idea is contagious. By the end of reading this book, you believe John when he says that by opening up our minds to new methods of teaching and learning we can "accomplish more as a society than all the towering geniuses of the past"."
    ― Annie Kidder, People for Education

    "This is a unique book, a remarkable fusion of general insights and specific practices. Teachers of mathematics will be grateful for the author's clear and consistent pedagogy, parents will derive concrete help and affirmation from his practical examples, while "the experts" in the field of education will be left muttering: "I wish I had thought of this approach." Those who may want to write yet another thesis on why certain groups within a population are inherently more apt at mathematics than others had better look for another project. The myth of ability has been laid to rest and I, for one, am very thankful for it."
    ― Ursula Franklin, University Professor Emerita, University of Toronto

    "John Mighton might well become the nation's math conscience. He not only knows that all children can master genuine mathematics but has repeatedly proved so with his brilliant, no-nonsense tutoring program."
    ― Andrew Nikiforuk, Education Writer and winner of the Governor General's Award for his book, Saboteurs
Errata for The Myth of Ability
Unfortunately, a few errors were missed while editing The Myth of Ability. Please click here for appropriate corrections. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.