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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I make a donation to JUMP?

    As a non-profit charity, JUMP's programming and eventual expansion depends on the generosity of foundations and like-minded individuals in the private sector. We are grateful for all cash donations and also welcome in-kind contributions. They make a huge difference!

    Please see Donations for more details. A tax receipt will be issued for all donations valuing $10 or more.

2. Can I become a JUMP volunteer?

    Whether you're interested in helping with the in-class or after-school tutoring, assisting with fundraising or recruiting campaigns, or simply providing a much-appreciated hand with errands, we're always thrilled to have new volunteers.

    To become a JUMP tutor, no formal mathematical training is required... you will be provided with everything you'll need. All it takes is dedication, enthusiasm and a desire to help a child in need.

    Please go to Volunteer With Us for more information and to download a JUMP volunteer application form.

3. Is it possible for my child to have a JUMP tutor?
    Currently, the JUMP program runs in 14 elementary schools across Toronto. If your child attends one of our partner schools (click here for a listing) and you believe they would benefit from having regular sessions with a JUMP tutor, please speak to the school administration about your child's eligibility.

    If your child goes to another school, the JUMP Teaching Manual is available to the public at a nominal cost. Please see question 5 below for details on obtaining a copy by mail.

4. Can I order a copy of John Mighton’s book, The Myth of Ability?
    Yes. The Myth of Ability is available for purchase on-line through the House of Anansi Press website. Click here to connect.
5. Is it possible to order a copy of the JUMP Teaching Manual?

    We do make our Teaching Manual (and accompanying worksheets) available to the general public for family, community or charitable use only.

    Currently, the following packages are available:

    Book 1 Package ($40 Can; $50 US; $65 International): Includes our Fractions Manual and Worksheets, and Book 1 Manual and Worksheets (full details on the order form).

    Book 2 Package ($40 Can; $50 US; $65 International): Includes our Book 2 Manual and Worksheets (full details on the order form).

    Book 3 Package ($25 Can; $30 US; $35 International): Includes our Book 3 Manual and Worksheets (full details on the order form).

    Basic Number Sense Package ($10 Can; $15 US & International): Includes our Basic Number Sense Manual and Worksheets (full details on the order form).

    To order, simply fill in our order form, mail it with a cheque or money order and we will send you a set of our materials. Please see Contact Us for our mailing address. Cheques should be made payable to "JUMP Tutoring". Please allow 3 to 4 weeks for delivery (extra time might be required for longer distances).

    Note that all proceeds received from manual donations are put directly back into JUMP and its programs.

    If you wish to make an additional donation to support JUMP, you can do so on the same cheque.  If you require a charitable tax receipt please let us know, and a receipt will be issued for a difference over $10. A faster way of getting your receipt (for the additional amount only) is to make a credit card donation through Canada Helps. Please see Donations for more details.

    To discuss placing bulk orders for charitable purposes, please contact us by email.

6. Can I get JUMP at my local school? or I don't live in Toronto. Is it possible to bring JUMP to my community?

    Demand for the JUMP program is very high and, as word spreads, is increasing exponentially. We are planning to expand and would eventually like to have JUMP programs across the country and in the Third World. However, our resources are currently very limited.

    We hope to have a "franchising" information package available soon. In the meantime, our Manual is available at a nominal cost to anyone wanting to learn more about the JUMP method (see question 5 above). The Myth of Ability is also an excellent resource for those looking to set up a JUMP-based program in their neighbourhood.

7. I have the teaching manual, are there any answer keys or unit tests available?

    We are currently developing answer keys and unit tests for Books 1 and 2 of our Teaching Manual. Manual answer keys and unit tests that have been developed can be downloaded below.

    Data Management
    Coordinate Systems
    Number Sense
    Ratio and Percent
    Tip Sheet - How to memorize your times tables in 4 days.